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We provide information on the evolving
agrarian structures in selected countries.

Our mission is to spur interest in rural development.

Rural Development

Interested in starting an agricultural development project? We provide land tenure information necessary for planning, coordination and harmonization of activities related to agrarian reform and sustainable rural development.

Our Information & Data

At, we collect and present information on land tenure systems without analysis and opinions. The data will always be presented in the language of its original publisher.

Population Dynamics

Our services go beyond providing resources on tenure systems, legal issues, agricultural data and trends. presents data about the populations living in each country. Learn about indigenous people, women and their relationship to land & how poulations are affected by environmental processes.

Landtenure's Origins

As a joint project enacted by the International Food Security Network, ActionAid, CERAI, aGter, COPROFAM & the Food and Agriculure's Rural Development Division, Landtenure exists to present public information on land tenure systems in an easily understood way. Our intuitive website makes land tenure information accessible to a wide audience.

09 / 2011 Aids Development Projects in Arizona

With 2,000+ people moving to Phoenix, AZ and 10,000+ moving to neighboring Maricopa County per month, Phoenix homes for sale are in high demand. Developers and builders have reached out to us for information on the area's land tenure systems, which is now being used to construct new Phoenix homes. It has been our mission to promote responsible and sustainable rural development and we are happy to say that new Phoenix houses for sale were built with central waste water treatment facilities and have been clustered to minimize sprawl. To learn more about these development projects, contact a Phoenix real estate company.

08 / 2011

Booming Real Estate Markets

Every time a house is for sale that has anything to do with Beverly Hills real estate, there is a long line of people waiting to check it out. The problem with Beverly Hills real estate is that it is overcrowded. There is no room in the 90210 zip code for more houses, leaving people to get creative on where the next "in" city will be. The California coastline is only so large and it's hard for some people to drift away from their comfort zone of Beverly Hills real estate.

More people are facing reality that their dreams of owning Beverly Hills real estate aren't going to happen simply because of the issues of supply and demand. There is not enough supply of Beverly Hills real estate to meet the demand. This begs the question, where will the next hot spot be?